Wisco Home Goods
Wisco Home Goods

About Us

Our Background


Jeremy's background is in interior design and retail. He's the art  and flair of the operation. Don's background is in business management  and academia. He does the heavy lifting when it comes to bookkeeping and  naming scents. He's also the chief knitter. Together we think we make a  pretty great team and have created a pretty darn good product. We hope  you enjoy products from Wisco Home Goods as much as we enjoy making  them. 

How We Got Started


Some days you just wake up and end up starting a business. That's  what happened with us. On a cool day in September Don asked Jeremy if he  thought they could make candles at home. As it turns out Jeremy had  already been researching the idea. Within 48 hours we'd placed our first  order for supplies and Wisco Home Goods was born. 

Our Products


Our candles are vegan and made from soy wax, which burns nearly  100% clean. No soot! Our scents are all phthalate free. We find that  even people that say they can't tolerate scented candles enjoy ours. We  also offer natural body lotions, soaps, sugar srubs to complement our soy  candles and your beauty regimen. To make sure you not only smell good but also look great we proudly offer hand knit face & dish clothes.


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