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Wisco Home Goods

Common Questions & Answers

Hand poured soy candles Madison Wisconsin

Why Use Soy Wax?

Soy wax is nontoxic and clean burning. Added benefits for the wax Wisco Home Goods uses it that the soy is farmed in America which in turn supports American farmers. It is also natural and Kosher.

Where Is Wisco Home Goods Sold?

We are currently look for retail partners to sell out products. Do you own a shop or know someone who does? Email us, wiscohomegoods@gmail.com

Why Do Some Scents Have One Word Names?

One word names indicate that scent is more deep and bold. We find that men are typically more drawn to these scents.

Do You Have Sales?

Absolutely! Typically they are exclusive to online purchases. Sign up below to take advantage of future sales and receive 10% off your first purchase. 




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